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All the crap I drew. :iconsuperw00tplz:

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The most amazing artist and artwork I ever seen. :iconknuxwinplz:


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United States
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Uhh...not really sure what to say here...umm......Some people call me the Space Cowboy. *brick'd*

Ok, Im a friendly layed back guy who loves to make new friends. Im extreamly shy at first impressions, but when you get to know me, Im cool and relaxed. lol
I love drawing my OC's and Fan art. I also like drawing other friends OC's, so if Im pretty cool with ya, I'll draw you're characters or a fanart character that you like.

I love animation and want to become a cartoonist. So once im done with college I can work on my career in being an animator, or comic writer or whatever. lol

Favourite genre of music: anything good
Operating System: illustrator, Photoshop CS4, and MS paint
Favourite cartoon character: Kid Buu, Goku, Haruhi, Vegeta, Rukia, Kenpachi
Personal Quote: nothin...just chillin
Marie: ROOOOLL CALL!!! *throws bag at D-Mon*
D-Mon: WAHAACK! :iconimdedplz:
Marie: Alice? :la:
Alice: HERE!!! :iconexcitedhiplz:
Marie: Chang? :)
Chang: I am here! :D
Marie: Kyon?
Blue: Hello. :aww:
Marie: JIN! :X
Red: Psh, What?! :iconthatsgreatplz:
Marie: Pan? :meow:
Pan: Yes? :)
Marie: So cute. :huggle:
Pan: :aww:
Marie: The rest? :la:
The rest: Sarah, Edith, Mike, Big Chano: HERE.
Marie: Huh, I guess Tyler isn't here. :|
D-Mon: *tosses bag off him* I'm Right HERE! :X
Marie: You Didn't say anything! :yum:
D-Mon: You Threw A Bag On Me!! :iconhardcoreplz:
Marie: That's no excuse. :iconsnooty-plz:
D-Mon: WHAT!?
Marie: Now that everyone but Tyler is here, lets begin. :D
D-Mon: Stop Calling ME THAT! :icondonfaceplz:
Pan: *looking around* It's so dusty in here. Has it really been that long since we came here? :(
Marie: It was Tyler's job to keep it clean. He failed at that. :no:
D-Mon: SINCE; stop it; SINCE WHEN!? :noes:
Sarah: Who left a slice of pizza here? Gross.
Mike: Oh yeah, forgot I left that there. I didn't want it anyways. :D
Big Chano: WHAT!?! :iconblowitallupplz: *belly bumps Mike out the window*
Mike: GAHHHHHH!!!! *crash!*
Edith: I agree with Sarah. This room needs a touch up. :XD:
Pan: Um, I don't mind dusting. :aww:
Alice: And I will mop the floor. :la:
Pan: Oh, that's okay. Last time you mopped you turned the floor into a slip&slide. :noes:
Alice: That was Blu! :noes:
Blue: Well, you told be to do it, sis. :XD:
Alice: I sure did! :iconhigh5plz:
Chang: I could get us some tecno equipment. ;p
Pan: As long as you're not stealing, Chang. :evileye:
Chang: ^^;
Red: ..... This club room is dead. >_>
D-Mon: Nope, just that llama in the corner over there. :O_o:
Everyone except Red: LLAMA!?!
Llama: :icondeadllamaplz:
D-Mon: *trips over it* AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! AHHH!!! :iconcannotevenplz: *kicks it away from him*
Alice: AHHH!!!!! *kicks it away from her* :iconepiclaplz:
Chang: *jumps over it* AHH!!! HAHAHA!!! :lol:
Blue: *ices the ground to make it slide away from him* EEEhh!!!
Sarah: *aims her gun at it shakingly on top of a table* :iconomgewplz: GET IT! GET IT AWAY!!
Marie: *attacks Red* AHHHH!!!!! :iconinamikillplz:
Red: OOF!!! WHA THA~ GAKK!!!!!!
Pan: :iconmikurucryplz:
Big Chano: Ehehhee Eeeeh AHH!! :iconohfuckgrandpaplz:*cowardly covers the dead llama up with a blanket*

(5 hours later)
Marie: Finally done. Good work everyone. :w00t:
Pan: Ahh. :phew:
Edith: So now we got this club cleaned up, what yall gonna do about that llama? :iconstudmuffinplz:
Blue: Well, we can't just leave it in here. It already stinking up the room. :shrug:
D-Mon: So we should kick Sarah out as well then. 8-) :iconpunchedplz: HHUUFFFFF!!!
Chang and Alice: *poking at it* :iconpokedeadbodyplz:
Llama: :iconhorrorllamaplz: ggajhkshhahhh
Alice and Chang: IT'S STILL ALIVE!!!!!! :iconsonicohnoesplz: :iconimpossibruplz:
*Everybody runs out D-Club*
AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! :iconhitandrunplz: :iconrunforlifeplz: :icontakehomeplz:

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